Are you thinking of buying a property?

When buying a house having a survey is very important to highlight any potential problems with the property. Unfortunately this can be very expensive, often up to £1000.

I offer a unique service in Sussex and the surrounding area which could enable you to avoid these expensive survey fees.


I will meet you at the property you are thinking of purchasing and together we will view the house. Using my 25 plus years of experience in surveying and diagnosing building faults I will explain to you any issues I identify with the property.

During the viewing I will be able to answer any questions you may have. I provide straight forward advice and explanations to ensure you fully understand. My service provides an on-site verbal report so you will not be left with a complicated technical report to trawl through on your own, as with most building surveys!

Following our visit it will then be up to you to decide whether you need to arrange a full chartered survey of the property. This would not normally be necessary unless problems are actually found with the building, or may reduce chartered survey costs by focusing a survey on just particular issues found.

I only charge £125 + VAT for this service, which gives you approximately an hour. This is usually sufficient for a standard size 3/4 bedroom house. Of course, if I feel the property will take any longer then this will be discussed with you in advance.

"It's like having a builder friend who is willing to view properties with you!"